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Dear fellow customer,

Welcome everyone to Chodang Tofu Village!!
Chodang Tofu Village was born on April 28th of 1999 in Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect. We specialize in healthy well being cuisine revolving around tofu which is well known to be a very nutritious ingredient in one's diet.

Ever since the grand opening, we constantly put in our hearts to deliver the best tasting cuisine.

We have grown with love and help from our friends as our menu has gotten better over the years with better ingredients and more efficiency.

We are growing as a family with our customers. We emphasize good health very strongly and we stride to become the best Tofu restaurant around the world.

We pride ourselves in making our own sauce with absolutely no MSG. Our special sauces make our food the best and most tasty tofu dishes anywhere in the world!!

Take out your time and visit Chodang Tofu Village! Good food, good friends, and good times!!

Thank you

Chodang Tofu Village